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Onelife Design & Build

The customer is their obsession

Onelife Design & Build is more than just a design build company; it’s a philosophy for life. A philosophy that permeates every aspect of the business resulting in both a reliable partnership for the client and a true white glove service experience throughout the entire design build process.

Onelife Design & Build’s Owner and Operator, Jonathan Cocklin, explains that the company was named as a gentle reminder that you have one life to live and so, you should endeavour to live the best life that you can. Jonathan says that the focus for himself, his team, his family, and his customers has always been to live a well-balanced life of health, wellness, and overall wealth, not solely financially, but more so in terms of an overall abundance of all of the good things in life. Towards this end they intentionally choose to live and work in a healthier manner and with a positive mindset.

This attitude and mindset carries through every aspect of their business and is apparent in their transparency, integrity, craftsmanship, and the overall customer experience.

Of utmost importance at Onelife Design & Build is the client experience, which is a full white-glove service from their first interaction with the company, to the final completion, and beyond. Because they are so passionate about their work, the Onelife Design & Build client is truly the company’s obsession.

From the very first meeting, Onelife creates a partnership with the client with the objective of thoroughly understanding their needs, their desired outcome, any concerns they may have for the project, and the overall investment they’re looking to make in the property, whether it’s a renovation project, addition, or full custom home build.

Because the entire design and build process can vary in timeline, it’s important for Onelife to ensure that there is a good fit for the client relationship and for the scope of the project.

The partnership begins as early as aligning with the architect on the overall vision of the build and understanding the client’s investment in the property. Jonathan sees every project as an investment because they understand the value that goes into the construction and how that value should appreciate over time. Onelife values the investment portion of each project because they also allocate 10% of their business to internal investments. No matter what the project is, Onelife Design & Build has also done something similar for themselves, so they can relate to the customer in terms of where their investment is best put in the project. With that kind of understanding, they are always aware of where the dollars are being used and the value of each dollar being spent.

From an investment standpoint and to help the process run smoothly, Onelife puts a lot of focus on the upfront planning phase. It is essential to have the plans organized and locked down prior to construction. From there, the build will happen, and any unforeseen obstacles can be more easily navigated. A clearly defined plan also helps the company get a thorough understanding of the client’s objective and helps them provide the top-notch service they have built their reputation on.

Onelife has a holistic view of each project and they consider both the macro and the micro details of each build. As a finished product, they want the property to be showstopper quality with carefully thought-out details. To help achieve this they offer all the product selections in- house at no extra charge.

Further, this approach means the team is involved throughout the project form the planning stages with the architects, to permit submission and revisions, to any construction and modifications, and even beyond completion.

From the initial meeting, they manage the orchestration of the full project moving forward with the architect, the municipality, and coordinating the Onelife team and tradespeople onsite. With nine full-time staff members and hand-selected sub-tradespeople that they’ve worked with for many years, they are fully accountable for site management and they keep the client informed at every step of the process.

When obstacles arise, which they always do in a construction project, the experience of this team works wonders, drawing up and providing the client with two options for resolution and an analysis of Onelife’s recommended option. Their intention is to assure the client that no matter what obstacles might come up, they have the right team to support them through the process by presenting multiple solutions for any challenge.

This holistic view of the process means that no matter what they are dealing with, Onelife is prepared to handle it all including minute details. Their gold standard customer service, is evident online with a multitude of satisfied client testimonials. They always endeavour to go above and beyond.

For Onelife, it’s important to be there for the client even after a project is finished for any support they may need, questions they may have, or to stand behind their project’s warranty. As part of the process, clients become part of the Onelife Design & Build family and can expect a lifelong relationship with the team. With this customer obsession mindset, Onelife’s goal is to have their clients be so happy with the completed project that they come back time and again and also refer their friends and family with confidence.

Of their experience with Onelife Design Build, Amii and Lee in Burlington said,

Working with Onelife Design Build was an effortless experience. Their communication, transparency and business acumen is only surpassed by their quality of work. When expectations are high, the Onelife Design & Build team always meets them with urgency, accuracy, and creativity. We are so pleased to be in our new home and sincerely value the partnership.

In terms of scope, Onelife Design Build focuses on renovations, additions, and building custom homes. They want to serve the client in regard to their style and overall vision and are able to work with designs from modern, to traditional, to transitional. Their main area for construction is Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and extends from Niagara to Orangeville and all the way through to Toronto.

Jonathan puts a lot of emphasis on the team approach to business. He says,

I am not who I am or what I do without the team. I’m not a one man show. I’m a team player and my job is to lead and support the team, not dictate what they do. Collectively we work together, we talk daily and often. We have weekly meetings to discuss every single job site and every obstacle and every solution. By working together we can focus on the customer. Because the customer is our obsession.

The numerous happy customers with countless accolades for Onelife Design Build are proof of their successful white-glove treatment for customers.

The team goes above and beyond with every project and it shows in their impeccably finished products.

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