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International Home Marketing Group

An Innovative edge lends itself to a visionary future

Long-term success in North American real estate sales means staying at the cutting edge, innovating, and implementing creative and unique ideas to stand out from the crowd. For the team at International Home Marketing Group, their continued achievements in the industry are a direct result of coming together as a team and bringing their individual strengths to every project to make each one have a spectacular result.

Co-owner, Fraser Wilson, acknowledges the talents and skills of the team are who continually push them to a higher level in their industry. Fraser, himself, is a quiet leader who joined the company as his father and co-founder, Michael Wilson’s health was uncertain. At the time, Fraser had been living and working in Nicaragua for several years where he had his own business success as the co-founder of Mombacho Cigars, a company renowned for bringing a romanticized vision of cigar smoking back to Latin American life. He had spent time living and working internationally on various projects and gained a unique business perspective from these experiences. With his business acumen, international business experience, and passionate sense of adventure, Fraser returned to International Home Marketing Group with vision and inspiration. He thinks an important component to the company’s success can be tied back to listening and learning from leading business’ in all industries around the world. That and the diversity of the team allows them to continually deliver industry leading results

His father, Michael, mentored Fraser in the business he had spent over twenty years building. Fraser notes that it was both a tremendous opportunity and great responsibility to shadow his father and learn the inner workings of the business at International Home Marketing Group. Michael was a pioneer in the industry with over 50 years experience and Fraser was honoured to spend those years shadowing him, this was critical to maintaining the continuity of the business from where it started to where it is today.

Fraser was so well-versed in the company’s operations and the team had been prepared that the loss of the company’s leader, Michael Wilson, shortly thereafter was a challenge that they managed to work through together and overcome. Fraser was determined to work hard and make sure the business would not just survive, but thrive. The team carried the torch for Michael, building upon his legacy while paving the way for future growth. Fraser acknowledges with gratitude the loyal clients of International Home Marketing Group who stuck by the company and believed in them during this transition period.

For Fraser, taking over from his father has been a delicate balance of maintaining the standards and reputation of the business that Michael had built while making his own mark and incorporating his individual strengths. While he shares the same core values that his father instilled in him, Fraser acknowledges that his adventurous spirit has a major influence in the way he conducts business. This unique personal quality means that meetings with clients might take place over a long bike ride, ski, hike or other adventures rather than a boardroom table. Internally, Fraser believes that this approach has helped foster a sense of creativity among the team and give them license to be innovative.


Fraser likes sharing all the experiences and successes the team has had and their accomplishments are many. They have managed to become one of the largest pre-construction sales and marketing organization in North America. And most recently, they won Best Sales Team of the Year North America, Best High-Rise Sales Team, and Best Low-Rise Sales Team within the Toronto Home Builders Association. Furthermore, one of their most successful projects has been named Best Master-Planned High-Rise Community in North America.

Currently, the team is involved in a number of buzz-worthy launches, one of which, Alias by Madison Group, is the hottest project right now in Toronto. Situated at Church and Richmond, every facet of the 45-storey tower is designed to delight and heighten the senses. With interiors custom designed by the discerning eyes at Studio Munge, Alias offers over 18,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor luxuries for owners of its 1-3 bedroom suites.

Another desirable project they’ve launched is the distinctive condominiums at 34 Southport by acclaimed developer State Building Group, a multiphase project in the heart of sought-after Swansea. Nestled among the heritage trees of High Park, the boutique shops of Bloor West Village, and the trails of Lake Ontario’s Humber Bay, this condominium’s excellent design and premium location are sure to enthrall any homebuyer.

And their award-winning project, The Exchange District by Camrost Feldcorp, in Mississauga are on their final phase with EXS. The Exchange District is known as a new urban destination with more than 2 million square feet of coveted retail, shopping, dining, office and commercial spaces, boutique hotel, new lush parks and thoughtfully designed public spaces, modern condominium residences, and more.

The team at International Home Marketing Group brings renewed vision and enthusiasm to every project. They work hard to make each project stand out in its own right with professional presentation and creative marketing efforts.

While Fraser’s unique life and work experiences have allowed him to bring an innovative edge to International Home Marketing Group, he remains ever humble, knowing that teamwork at the company has been their greatest asset.

Determined to ensure the continuity of the business that Michael Wilson started over thirty years ago now and continue to grow the business by adding their own personal flair and style to the business, growing, innovating, and progressing towards a future that gets bigger and better all the time.

The goals they had throughout these years kept them focused and on track and the results came to fruition as planned. With the robustness of the Toronto real estate market during these years, the amazing clientele they had developed and grown through the years, and the good approach that the company has, everything came together nicely to create a snowball of success. Their visionary approach to new home sales gives them the edge and they are forever grateful to their loyal clients for continuing to believe in them. At International Home Marketing Group, every day is an adventure to discover just how far they can go professionally.

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