Advertising investments that Work!

Forum Magazine is published bi-monthly (6 times a year) and is the perfect venue to advertise your company and all it has to offer an affluent and niche market audience of professionals.

The magazine is direct mailed to architects, custom builders, designers, renovators, doctor and dental offices and affluent neighbourhoods in Oakville . Forum is available for sale at Chapters/Indigo and other fine bookstores. Forum provides the opportunity to educate the buyer to your product benefit and allows your company to create the perfect venue to establish your marketing position.

Email forum@bell.net for advertising rates and media guide

2Print Media

Creative Marketing Solutions!

Forum specializes in the creation of corporate brochures, presentation folders, posters, design and promotional marketing. A complete in-house design service offers editorial, printing, photography and graphic excellence.

3Web Design

Effective Web Designs!

Forum websites employ the latest technology with revolutionary and unique design. Cutting edge website graphics convey your company’s unique image. Forum websites are an effective tool for your company’s future.

“ Forum Magazine…for the way we work, live and play ” – Sean Patrick  (Sales & Marketing)


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